Saturday, June 20, 2009


I just realized it's been a really, really long time since the last posting.
So let's see ... my social life hasn't been that interesting lately so I don't have much to post there. I had a friend who was going through a tough time so over the last few months, I have watched many, many, many funny movies. That was cool, but I'm ready for some dramas now! Funny movies are fine, but I like something that really pulls me into its "world," and most comedies aren't able to accomplish that.

I've been teaching art in the mornings for summer camp, and being around the kids has been great! I love their creativity and being a part of helping them explore that side of themselves. We have a lot of fun! We've made origami and mandalas and wishing wells so far. One of the kids wrote for his wishing well, "I so happy to be alive. I meen it. I love every body. They love me to." SO freaking cute!!
Hmm ... what else has happened? Well, I got some great feedback from a published author and am going to tweak a few things with my book. I haven't put the greatest of priority on that since other things seem to be drawing my attention, but as a big believer in Divine Timing, I know it will happen when it's meant to happen.
That's about it for now! Hope you are all doing great!! :)