Monday, November 24, 2008

A Day for Everything

It was cute. My dad, knowing I am into this stuff, called to tell me he heard on the radio that it was International Aura Awareness Day. "You're kidding!" or something to that effect was my response. I did an online search and, indeed, there is such a day.
I have always been able to sense or "feel" auras, and I can see them, also, but I have to be in the right frame of mind to do that. Here's the post where I talk about my most recent aura photo and reading. I was violet, a mix of ultra violet, light violet, and regular violet. This site has a spot-on description.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just Another Morning

There's not much to report. I am here, as usual, sitting in front of my computer. Looking at the screen. Reading, writing, etc. I just finished the last of my yerba mate tea (this stuff rocks,) and now I'll probably go saute some veggies for lunch. Wow. I bet you are really glad I let you know all that. Made your morning, I'd guess. :P

I did find a funny typo as I was going through my book. The main character was talking about dating and was describing how, when she realizes she's not going to be marrying a particular someone, she'd learned to go ahead and call it quits. Well, instead of "marrying," I had "marring." That's - hopefully - not a Freudian slip on my part!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I just sent out my first query letter to find a literary agent! Kind of exciting!
I'm still tweaking the book, but it's pretty much done, thanks to keeping my head in the sand this past week! Over the next couple of days, I'll wrap that up and continue with more querying.

Thursday, November 06, 2008


Regarding the presidential election, everything remains the same as I said in my previous post. I have nothing new to add.

Regarding the funeral of my grandfather, it was really great, actually. First of all, it was nice to see my family, all of them, at once (aside from my cousin/godson who is stationed in Korea and was not able to attend.) Secondly, since I am a grandchild, it was neat to hear my aunts and uncles speak about my grandfather from a child's perspective. By the time I was born, he'd already had his ten kids so there are a lot of things I didn't know about him as a father and husband. It was also cute - and I felt, a good reason to celebrate what we have - that the kids kept running around and then up to my grandpa during the viewing. My three-year-old cousin Benjamin kept going right up to him, inches away from his face, and singing "Mary Had a Little Lamb" -- because he thought it would make him wake up. Then, he would shout out, "But he won't wake up," and the five-year-old twin girls would say, "That's because he died," very matter of factly. I really enjoyed all of that.
Also, I didn't realize they were doing a military burial, and I'd never been to one. It was quite moving. They had about a dozen American Legion guys, and they had a very formal, compelling way of doing things. They played Taps and did the 21 gun salute, and it was quite powerful to watch them fold the flag that had been draped over my grandfather's casket, kneel down in front of my grandmother, and give it to her, saying, "By the power of the president of the United States ..."
All in all, I have to say the experience was good. It was a little insane how much food and how many flowers and plants we received, though. Good insane, but still insane. :)

Monday, November 03, 2008

Presidential Election - Supporting McCain

* I guess I should add that my angels were very supportive of me writing this piece so, to me, that says that the core message is important. And, to clarify, since I kind of rambled: The core message involved what I saw around Obama and the very specific word I received.
I try to stay out of politics on here - and in general - but I feel it is important for me to express myself in this situation. Many people are greatly concerned that someone who should not be president could become so. I look at things from a broader perspective and understand that what is best will happen, even if that does mean there will be hurt and disillusionment in the short term. Let me explain:
You have probably caught drifts of this here and there on my blog - I am a very spiritual person. And even before I developed this (ever-evolving) spirituality, I have always had a "connection" and have been blessed with certain gifts, gifts we all possess but that I have had more access to than many. It doesn't make me any more special than anyone else; it's just who I am.
One of my strongest abilities is seeing people for who they truly are. This is something I try to use, daily, to help people. To use an overly-simple example, think of the bully who bullies because he is hurting inside. Some people cognitively figure this out. I can, too, but even before the brain has a chance to kick in, I see and feel the hurt he feels when I first lay eyes on him or first speak with him. I know what is inside. I can then operate from that standpoint, rather than from the one that most people would. It allows me to reach people in a way I appreciate having and is one of the ways in which I try to make a difference.
Now, to make that relevant to the election. Another way of stating the above is that I can sense people's energy, which can sound a little flaky but is as real as this keyboard, I assure you. I have been pursuing the heightening of my spirituality greatly lately and have been receiving more and more messages and streams of information as a result. I'd known I was uncomfortable with Obama and that, while not overwhelmed, liked McCain. Then, last week, I received a strong message that clarified it for me:
I'd always noticed a "lack" in Obama's eyes (eyes are a big thing for me, it's a soul to soul connection.) But, then, I was watching the news and saw it - dark, dark energy swirling all around him. I very clearly, at the same time, received the word "false." I rarely get scared with real life, but this scares me. He is not who he seems. To the word "false," that's enough for me, but if I were to analyze it I would say a lot could be attributed to his words. Have you ever really listened, I mean really listened to the words? Where are all the "enlightened" people? Are they denying what their souls know is there? Do they not see a man operating purely from his ego? Take away the mesmerization and the "rhetorical flourishes," and you will see. His faith in America is restored because people chose him? I stopped in my tracks when I heard this, while the people in the crowd cheered on. (As a disclaimer, I don't agree intellectually with most anything he says, but I promise this is an accurate recounting of a real message.)
Now, who will win? I don't know. What I get (psychically) is that it hasn't been decided yet. We are meant to learn from this, as from everything. We are here for our soul's evolvement, after all. But what isn't known is whether people will recognize the truth - that gut feeling - prior to or after the election. Do we need things to go all the way for us to learn? Maybe.
I liken it to a commonly-cited lesson I have learned. God sends us "hints" to help direct us. They start out very small, almost no inconvenience at all. They get bigger and more pronounced if we continue to ignore them, until finally we get hit on the head, if we still don't get it. This can be applied to almost every situation in life. Try it; you'll see.
That is what is happening now. Do we get it, or do we need a really good hit over the head?
McCain is not perfect, but he is a good man. And there is no competition on the ego front. McCain rid himself of his a long time ago. And, for the record, I do really like Palin. And Biden is fine, too, although I disagree with his political views.
Mainly, I just have to get this out. I try to avoid politics because for the most part, it is a negative, lower-vibrating segment of our world, but it is important that people like me share what they know. Again, I am nothing special, but I have never, ever been wrong when I have received a clear message, such as this. And that is because it is not me creating it; it was sent to me and for a reason.
I'm not emotionally invested in a particular outcome; what needs to happen will happen. I'm just a proponent of learning things the easy way, when at all possible. :) Just think about it, please. Think about it on a deeper level, a higher level. We should all be loved. Not all of us should be president.