Sunday, April 29, 2007

Becker Vineyards

A good friend of mine was married this past weekend near Fredericksburg and held her wedding reception at Becker Vineyards. Every detail of both the wedding and the reception was absolutely lovely.
Here I am standing in front of the lavender fields that grace the Becker property.
I wish my friend and her new husband all the happiness and blessings a lifetime can hold.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Yet Another Reason

Yet another reason I love Texas. Where else could you get a picture like this?

Ain't Texas grand -- y'all? : )

Friday, April 20, 2007

Movies in the Park

The first Movies in the Park of the season was last night. I love Movies in the Park - it is one of my all time favorite things about Austin. I like just chilling out and relaxing (instead of go-go-go,) especially amidst the backdrop of a bustling, energetic downtown.

We watched "Talladega Nights" (I love the baby Jesus!) on a 40-foot inflatable screen in great weather. It's a very funny movie. Being so fond of cats, I particularly liked Karen, the Cougar. And, the Crystal Gayle t-shirt is priceless. ;)

Monday, April 16, 2007

Campus Horror

What a terrible tragedy we face today after the mass murders at Virginia Tech. It's hard to comprehend how so many young, fresh lives can be ended so quickly and so senselessly. Imagine how those parents must feel - they send their kids off to college, they think they are safe, and then they are faced with an unbelievable horror. Imagine hoping your child is one of the safe ones, and then finding out the worst. Imagine that agony.
My city endured a similar tragedy in 1966, when an individual, from the observation deck of the University of Texas Bell Tower, began sniping individuals walking on campus. Ultimately, he killed 15. The scars from UT's tragedy remain even today.
My heart goes out to those whose own hearts ache.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Lots of Action

Finally, I'm getting to add another post, right?
This past week and next week I had and have a lot of deadlines for different publications, including a new section that I am in charge of for Texas Family Magazine. In addition to my regular stories, I'll also be in charge of the Talking Points section, where we talk about three or four issues or questions parents may have.
In addition to work, I also volunteered myself to teach a four-session writing workshop over a period of four weeks to a group of kids I normally tutor. I had to create my curriculum from scratch for the first session, which was this week. I think it will be fun to work with the kids over a period of time so that I can see the changes in their writing skills. I'm looking forward to it.
Also, for two months I have agreed to take over someone's dance classes. This means I am directing a middle school dance team (and yes, we have several performances) and am teaching to four classes a salsa routine and a hip hop routine, both of which I will choreograph. That's a lot of work, but of the fun variety.
All this is in addition to "regular" work, of course, so that is why my posts have been so sporadic. Plus, all this has kept me from philosophizing too much. ;)

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

Have a hop, hop, hoppy Easter!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Contemplating the Curvy Path

The other day, I went walking with someone along a trail I like. There are different paths and directions on this trail, and I like and always take the curvy paths. The person I went with thanked me later for showing the curved path. That offhanded comment really got me thinking.

Do I like to take the curvy paths in life? Do I prefer the wiggle jiggle of life more than the straight and narrow? I have always thought of myself as a straight and narrow kind of person, but maybe all along I have been more of a curvy person. Or, maybe I’m straight and narrow on the outside but curvy on the inside. Or, even vice versa. Perhaps the way I picture myself is not at all how the world sees me. But, then, which one would be right and real?

It was a simple comment: “Thanks for showing me the curvy path!” But, it sure has gotten me thinking. It reminds me of what I for years had as my computer screen saver: “Sometimes you have to go in a circle to get back where you belong.”

I guess it's not so much about taking the path less traveled as it is about creating the path that is uniquely ours and following it until we are where we are meant to be.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

My Box of Dark Chocolates

Tonight Forrest Gump was on TV. I resisted watching it, but I'm glad I did. Sometimes it's good to be reminded of and feel reconnected with certain things - that at times blind idealism is best, that there may be really good things in front of us we're not recognizing and appreciating, and what I think is the most poignant message - that we all simply should do the best with what we are given.