Sunday, May 27, 2007

Come, Little Creatures

I seem to be attracting small creatures lately.

It started with me finding a baby opossum in the garage. I'd had some odd things happening, but it never occured to me that it might be an animal. Then, one night, late, I saw a tail and a little body. My first reaction was to jump and scream, thinking it was a rat or something. Then, I moved closer and saw it - looking as cute as a kitten - itty bitty with big, brown ears. But, what to do? I was at a loss. I knew I needed to get it out of my garage, but I wasn't going to hurt it. It took me a couple of days, a lot of cleaning, and a little trickery, but finally I peeked out and saw a little tail just on the other side of the garage door ... and before he could turn back, down went the door!

Then, I went home for my cousin/godchild's high school graduation. While there, my sister's friend dropped off their latest rescue - a little kitten they had found on the road in some random Texas city. When they were trying to pick up the poor thing, a car ran over it. Thankfully, I mean literally over it. It escaped unharmed. Anyway, it's probably not more than a month old, and while not traditionally "cute," it has the best and friendliest personality. She even climbed up on my shoulder when I was trying to take her picture. She wants lots and lots of human attention and loves to purr and play. You can't tell from this picture, but her eyes are bright blue. I suggested her name be Mocha.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Black and White Weekend

Nonstop busy as usual here!

First up was a party boat banquet that took us across Lake Austin from near Hula Hut to the 360 bridge. It was beautiful weather and so relaxing to spend time on the water, especially for a Crab like me!

The banquet was followed by the Third Annual Wear White Croquet Party, where the great weather held, to the delight of all of us bedecked in white.

Good times. Now I'm ready to sleep! : )

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day with the Family

I got to see a lot of my relatives this weekend when I went home for Mother's Day. Here is my new niece Alivia, who now is almost six months old. Isn't she the most adorable baby ever? She has my brother's beautiful, big blue eyes, and she's in the stage where she keeps trying to talk to everybody. Today she was in a cute little pink outfit I bought for her before she even was born!

It was so good to see everybody - aunts, uncles, grandma, grandpa, cousins, mom, dad, brother, sister, sister-in-law, niece, cats, dogs, horse. There's always lots of activity in the big C.S.!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Party with the Best in Texas

Oftentimes I write for a music magazine called Best in Texas. The company that publishes the magazine is celebrating 30 years, and I just returned from their little celebratory shindig down in Houston.

It was so nice to meet the people I have been working with for a while now. And, isn't the Texas music scene so much fun? It's like a whole 'nother world - seriously. I really enjoyed meeting Jason Allen of the Jason Allen Band. Super nice guy.

For the latest issue of the magazine, my story is on Trent Summar and The New Row Mob. Through May, it can be read here. And, perhaps more permanently, it can be read here.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Texas Family - Firstborn Like Me?

Lots to mention in the latest issue of Texas Family Magazine.

The main feature story I wrote tackles birth order dynamics and how that affects children. It was interesting to research how this placement within the family can affect so many different personality traits. For example, firstborns often are achievers because they want the attention it brings, and they are often a little less relaxed than later kids. Being a firstborn myself, I'll have you know I vigorously pursue being laidback until I achieve it -- do I get a gold star? ;) It's a pretty interesting story - check out a copy.

I also wrote a story on helping kids create healthy friendships - emphasis healthy - and I wrote a small piece on cyber bullying, which takes bullying beyond the playground and school hallways to virtually everywhere.