Friday, April 13, 2007

Lots of Action

Finally, I'm getting to add another post, right?
This past week and next week I had and have a lot of deadlines for different publications, including a new section that I am in charge of for Texas Family Magazine. In addition to my regular stories, I'll also be in charge of the Talking Points section, where we talk about three or four issues or questions parents may have.
In addition to work, I also volunteered myself to teach a four-session writing workshop over a period of four weeks to a group of kids I normally tutor. I had to create my curriculum from scratch for the first session, which was this week. I think it will be fun to work with the kids over a period of time so that I can see the changes in their writing skills. I'm looking forward to it.
Also, for two months I have agreed to take over someone's dance classes. This means I am directing a middle school dance team (and yes, we have several performances) and am teaching to four classes a salsa routine and a hip hop routine, both of which I will choreograph. That's a lot of work, but of the fun variety.
All this is in addition to "regular" work, of course, so that is why my posts have been so sporadic. Plus, all this has kept me from philosophizing too much. ;)

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yianni said...

Good for you! It's great to be busy. Based on your past comments on kids and writing, that the writing workshop you're teaching is very fulfilling. I'm curious to get your feedback on the dance class.

Sounds like you're having a lot of fun with everything goin' on.