Monday, November 05, 2007

Some Things I Like

I've been sick for over two weeks now and doing an awful job of resting - I'm too nervous and high-strung these days for that. I am trying to surround myself with good, positive things, and I came across some I liked:

"Sometimes you just have to take the leap and grow your wings on the way down."
(Otherwise known as "The Story of My Life" for the last few years.)

"She believed she could do it, so she did."

"Low-rise jeans are so impractical when you are flying by the seat of your pants." (OK, this one was just funny.)

I also came up with a great title for a new book - one I'm tempted to start before finishing the other. I'd love to print it, but I'm afraid it'd get stolen. I'll say this: it sounds like it could be a funny country music song, and it was inspired by someone.

I love "Big Girls Don't Cry" by Fergie (I can't not sing this song when I hear it.) Then I heard another song and was like, "Who is that? I have to hear that again!" I did this morning and, turns out, it's Fergie again with "Clumsy." I'm not big into celebrities, but I guess I identify with her music - probably stems back to afternoons watching Kids' Incorporated, one of the best. shows. ever. :P


El Jefe Maximo said...

Sounds like a change of scenery is in order. Your work probably precludes it, but a trip to the coast might be just the ticket. Getting out of town is always lots of points towards helping me recover from almost anything.

Hmmmm, book titles with country music themes ? Now I like country music, but to be a proper and on-topic theme work, the title needs to include something about somebody doing somebody else wrong, breaking up, dogs, crops in the fields or trucks.

I don't have a dog, and I'm married, so I've lost a significant percentage of workable themes right there. Guess I'll just have to wait to see what you come up with.

Candidly Caroline said...

You're right on a couple counts.

1.) It implies that somebody did somebody else wrong.
2.) It mentions a dog.

The story includes some breaking up, too, but in my story there'll eventually be a happy ending - that's why it's called fiction. :P

Candidly Caroline said...

That last part of my comment sounds a little more pessimistic than I meant it. It's actually a very funny title - good natured in spirit, although perhaps not stemming from ideal circumstances.

El Jefe Maximo said...

That all sounds very mysterious. . .

SWMBO got angry with me recently and called me a dog, to which I responded, "woof, woof." This was perhaps a less than optimum response to her, er, vehemently expressed concerns, and resulted in significantly raised decibel levels.

Back In The Day, somebody tried to explain to me that breaking up was really a good thing, becuase if it was good, there wouldn't be breaking up. Strange how that didn't make much difference to my feelings at the time, although it proved true over the (very long) run.

Yeah, sounded hokey to me too. Sort of like rich people who tell you that money isn't everything.

Candidly Caroline said...

You did NOT say that to your wife! Ohmygosh!

I would tend to agree - if a relationship ends, it's for a reason. I fully believe that. I think it's when relationships end for reasons not stemming from a lack of feelings for each other that are a lot harder, though.

But - as far as the book title goes, it was just inspired by someone, not a carbon copy of my life or anything. Now, that would be a good story. ;)

EPP said...

Wow. I don't usually admit I like that song either. I feel like I should go wash my hands and face for admitting I like a Fergie song. Why did she ever leave the Black Eyed Peas? Ugh.

But it's true that kitchy songs have their place. Maybe that kitchy song hits us because we've been through a lot in our lives. Not that we're not from wonderful families. I love yours, and I know you love mine. God bless our families. I am so grateful for them.

But we both have tried to save a lot of other people since we lived at home. (Thank goodness, not my husband, who needs no saving and would say hello if he were awake.)

And, when we examine at ourselves in the mirror, we use the same mirror to look at ourselves that we use to examine all of humanity. The world is not a comfortable place right now, and perhaps has never been. Plus, the mirror is exacting and picks up unintended high-definition details. (We should learn to stretch pantyhose over the lense, in old-school Barbara Walters style.)

The truth is that big girls do cry, but their best girlfriends understand that it's not the end, it's not a crisis, and it doesn't make us any less ready to play on Sunday. (You know I love football, so excuse the reference. Plus, women could learn a lot from team sports.)

The "cry" that we have is like when guys have a pint of beer at 5:30 p.m. It's about bitching (that's right guys, I said it, you bitch about stuff too), moving on and not harboring grudges. The more women cried, the happier we'd all be, I think.

Anyhow. I love you, Caroline. Today as always. I'm proud of you. You are absolutely the best person out there anywhere, in every time zone except Pacific (that is mine, back off :)

Your BFF,

Candidly Caroline said...

EPP, U R the best BFF ever! :)

I love you!!