Friday, January 11, 2008

Back in the Day ... Songs

Back in the Day ... songs were not so different.
I was playing around with songs again on here, and it got me to thinking: This whole, "Oh, the song lyrics were so innocent back when I was younger" stuff people try to convince others of is not exactly so.
I remember the odd expression on my Dad's face when I'd go around the house, in seventh grade, belting out "Damn! I Wish I Was Your Lover!" over and over again. -- I'm surprised my parents didn't have me in Catholic school ... Oh, wait.
Then, of course, searching around I found a few other favorites from back in the day - "Naughty Girls Need Love, Too," "Bad Boys," and let's not even mention Madonna or hip hop. I'm not inclined to make a full social commentary today, but it's an interesting observation. And, hey! I turned out okay. :P

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El Jefe Maximo said...

Back in the day. . .Such a useful little phrase ! Yeah, I remember raised eyebrows about lyrics, back in the day too. Now that I have to be a parent, thus attaining true fuddy-duddy status (which the unkind might say I have always been bucking-for anyway), my eyebrows are doing the raising.

Every generation no doubt thinks that it has the monopoly on enlightenment, and is the summit of all progress; that its predecessors were hopelessly stodgy and boring; and, that the generations following it are all hopelessly lost to truth, justice and decency. Sometimes, those who think this way are even right. More often, however, when we think this way, I believe that we are just navel-gazing.

We are all the stars of our own psychodramas, and to some degree, life began with us, and will end with us. But the real world existed before us, and goes on without us.