Friday, November 06, 2009

Barr Mansion

I went to a great place last night! It's the Barr Mansion in Austin, and it is the first certified organic events facility in the nation! And, if that's not enough, it's absolutely beautiful!

It's on acreage with a historic home and a new pavilion-type building with humongous walls of glass. They have white Christmas lights and candles everywhere, and they even rake the gravel to give it a Zen feel. They are 98% waste free and recycle or compost most everything. And, of course, they buy local.

I think some people still don't understand how great organic food is! The Barr Mansion uses a seasonal menu, which is truly the best way for many reasons. Our menu: spring mix salad with pecans in a cranberry dressing, grilled vegetables like squash and eggplant, Ahi tuna and crab mini-pizzas, barbecue chicken mini-pizzas, chicken lasagna, spinach lasagna, apple cinnamon cake, and hibiscus mint tea. It was all fabulous!!

I wish I'd thought to take pictures, but check out their website, for sure!

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