Monday, April 11, 2011

Absolute Love Publishing - My Website

If you are looking for Caroline Shearer (or Caroline A. Shearer,) this is me!

Yes, I am the author and the woman who is always talking about love. ;)

However, the site with the information you are really looking for is my publishing company, Absolute Love Publishing. Check it out for more info on me, my books, and my company's mission. Blessings and Love!



Anonymous said...

I could not put the book down. Dead End Date grips the world of the thoughts of a single girl in today's culture. It will attract the young, and let's them taste of the good heroine. It is about the dangerous and comical adventures that a "girl on a mission" seems to get into these days. Her day to day thoughts seem to open the drawers of your own dressor.

Anonymous said...

Now you need to write your next big seller titled "Dead End Candidate" a factual on Ted Cruz and Donald Trump and their 'toe-sucking exchanges'--behind the scenes.