Wednesday, August 31, 2005

CNN's Coverage Sucks Again

CNN is doing a crappy job once again covering something of great importance. Their aerials (which are few and far between) don't do any justice to the situation in New Orleans and the surrounding areas, and their anchors are chatty and smiley like it's just no big deal. Plus, where are their on-the-ground reporters? That's where the best stories come from in reporting.
I haven't been a fan of CNN for a long time, but they are even suckier now than they
ever have been. Who the hell cares if an actress had to leave the scene of a movie because of the hurricane? We have hundreds of people dead and dying, tens of thousands of homes and businesses destroyed or damaged. Show me some REAL news!
Luckily, I have Fox News and MSNBC to watch; I only checked CNN because I was seeing if they had anything additional to offer, and the answer is, "Clearly not!" What is really bad is some people simply watch CNN because it IS CNN and don't know any better.

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