Sunday, February 05, 2006

Lil' Sis in Town

My little sister has been in town this weekend. We've been pretty much hanging out - walking, talking, making B-Day brownies for our dad, watching the original Mr. & Mrs. Smith (quite funny and totally different from the Pitt and Jolie flick) and an awesome Grey's Anatomy. (I can't believe they are making us wait an entire week to see the ending!!! Get this - Meredith's hand is inside a man who is nearly dead - holding a bomb - and if she moves, the whole wing of the hospital will blow.)
Since my sister is the self-proclaimed fashion guru of the family, I let her clean out my closet. In the end, I had an extra 23 shirt hangers and 8 skirt hangers - I must be improving!
Otherwise, it was very relaxing. I wish I had another day before getting back to work!

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justcarl said...

A new show you may want to check out, if you haven't already... 'Courting Alex'. I'm a Jenna Elfman fan.

After that closet cleaning, I predict a shopping spree in your future. :)

Glad good times were had by all.