Thursday, June 22, 2006

Country Singer Deryl Dodd - Best In Texas

Usually I just interview people for my various publications via the phone. It's simple, easy, and I can type faster! : )

Recently, though, I was assigned a cover story for Best In Texas Music Magazine on country music singer Deryl Dodd. Since he was going to be in Austin playing a gig at Hill's Cafe, I scheduled to meet him in person, and I'm glad I did - we ended up talking for two hours! He is a super nice and sincere guy, who plays and writes great songs. I highly recommend you check out his music. I particularly like "Feels Like Home to Me." I can't stop singing it - I guess that's a good sign for him!
This is me and Deryl post-concert, later that day. My story on him, which I think you'll find to be quite heartfelt on his part, will be out in the August issue - Look for it!!

I couldn't find my article on the band Buster Jiggs online, but here is their website and MySpace page. I found my article on Kyle Hutton posted on this site. These are all neat people I'm dealing with for Best In Texas, and I wish them all the best of luck!


Jennifer said...


Queen of Sky said...

Great pic... you forgot to mention that besides nice and down to earth, he's a HOTTIE!!!

-Q of S

Queen of Sky said...

P.S. I just left a link on his MySPace page to this entry.

Anonymous said...

wonder what he had to do to get that prison rodeo tee shirt!

Candidly Caroline said...

I asked him that, too! Thankfully, it was just performing. :)