Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Happy Birthday to My Blog!

Today is a special day in my blogging world - my One Year Birthday! That's right - it has been one year since the Candidly Caroline blog was launched!
The first few months I pretty much was the only one here, but, since then, the number of readers really
has grown! Thanks to all of you who make Candidly Caroline a regular part of your reading, and a special thank you to those of you who leave comments! It's great to know people are interested! I try to make it entertaining and informative, and, of course, categorically ME! : )


Queen of Sky said...

I just gave you a link.

-Q of S

beethoven writes said...

hi Caroline

it seems we are part of a very select band of people who are read by Ellen. she's very kind to link us.


estarz said...


MDK said...

You go, CC!

I've got two more months and change before my blog's one-year. I'm a bit below a post per day, though.