Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Thinking Blogger

I've been meaning to announce that I have been named a "Thinking Blogger" by one of my loyal readers, El Jefe Maximo, who, when he first found me, scored major points simply by his name choice. Of course, his wit and love for his subject matters have brought me to his site, Kingdom of Chaos, ever since.

Here's what he had to say about me: "If you want to get away for awhile from the rantings of political gasbags, airplanes and things that go boom, have a look at Candidly Caroline. Caroline writes from Austin, a town I’m rather attached to, possibly because of my days there in connection with a certain Large Orange institution. Well, Caroline went to the Other Place, but writes thoughtfully on Austin, music, kiddos, romance, food and other things without which life would be dull indeed." Thanks so much to Jefe for including me!

I've thought about how much thinking really goes on here at Candidly Caroline. In my real life, I'm nothing but a thinker. I think, think, think all the time. When I'm done thinking, I move on to analyzing and juxtaposing and imagining. Then, I think again. Then, I sleep and dream, and there is even more thinking. But - most of that doesn't ever make it public. I'm glad that apparently at least some of that comes through in my posts, though, so you all can get a peek at who I am.

If that makes you curious, just wait until you read the book I'm working on - then you'll all really know how my mind works!


yianni said...

I'm itching to see this book you're writing. It sounds very interesting.

Your blog defintely is one that makes you think. Your posts are always thought provoking and have something to say.

El Jefe Maximo said...

Now this is definitely a cool post.

All that analyzing, imagining and thinking is a good thing too, but I have to draw the line at juxtaposing. . .spelling it is quite enough for me. Remember, I went to the Large Orange Institution ;-)

Candidly Caroline said...

Thanks, Yianni. It's always good to get those brain cells working, heh? ...
I have to say I'm ready to see my final product, too!

Jefe: "Now this is definitely a cool post."
AS IF the others are pretty questionable. ;)
Just Kidding! Thanks again!