Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Convince Me I Don't Have Ghosts

* I'll add that Snickers has been acting really, really weird lately. She has her ears perked back, and she doesn't relax, which is quite unusual for my "Fiddle Dee Dee, Let Me Lounge in the Most Relaxed Position Possible" cat. A friend even found her whimpering on top of the kitchen cabinets, and she hasn't gone up there since we first moved in. It would have to be something unusual for her to act this way - she didn't freak out when she, me, and Meeko saw Snowball's spirit.
Honestly, I don't really think this instance is ghosts, or (what I really mean,) spirits. With spirits, there's no doubting what you've just encountered. I'm just using this convenient excuse because I'm not happy to have everything break at once, especially when I don't have time to deal with it.
I thoroughly intend to update you all on my most recent trip, but first I must tend to a more immediate need - trying to keep everything I own from breaking.
Convince me I don't have ghosts. Within the past two weeks I have developed these electrical problems: my kitchen light halfway or halfway and a half or not at all turns on and new bulbs don't fix it, my weedeater battery charger "died," a new weedeater battery charger I bought to replace it doesn't work either - even on a new battery - and at different outlets - numerous light bulbs burned out (this one certainly could be coincidence,) and now my television is turning itself off. My television! And just when I discovered "Murder, She Wrote" is now on at night!
Spirits have gotten me messages much simpler ways ... and I won't freak you out by telling you how, but I wish they wouldn't try to rock the boat so much. In the meantime, I guess I'll be reading up on electricity. Ugh. Like, 98 percent of the time, I'm happy I'm still single - but this is one of those times I'd prefer a guy around, especially a handy one. Seriously. I'm not so good at playing the damsel in distress so maybe this is a way of forcing my hand. Yippee.


Anonymous said...

Spirits no, humidity yes. I think Texas is trying to reform it's ancient ocean. When it gets so extremely humid my car stereo LED display looks like aliens are trying to send me a message in their own language.

El Jefe Maximo said...

Like anon. says, it's probably humidity, but you never know: maybe your builder disregarded a wise old Witch Doctor TV Repair Person who WARNED him not to build your house on the Ancient Sacred Picture Tube Burial Ground.

Probably, you need to have an exorcism party -- have your guests bring Offerings to the Angry Sprits, such as new light bulbs, weedeater batteries and a Virgin Television. These sacrifices, combined with liberal amounts of alcoholic beverages, will doubtless return your home's disturbed spirits to restfulness.

Candidly Caroline said...

I can buy humidity for everything but the weedeater chargers and batteries. If it's humidity, does that mean it will fix itself when the rain stops?

I know it's not "ghosts." Spirits maybe, but usually they're not so ... all at once. I have a history of electrical malfunctions, of course, but ...

Any excuse for a good party, especially if it keeps me from having to buy a new television!

Anonymous said...

Follow up: I kid you not, this morning I got up and first thing I went to do was to turn on the little light above my stove, it didn't turn on.

Candidly Caroline said...

I probably shouldn't even bother mentioning that the power to my whole neighborhood went out yesterday. And this was after 36 hours withOUT rain.

bolivar said...

Caroline - talk about a humidity problem! We have too much of it here. And when it does rain, it rains long enough for the humidity to get even worse when it stops raining! That's why I tell all of my friends who come to Arkansas - if you don't like the weather... wait about 15 minutes. It changes that quick.

The power going off and on when it so chooses - thank God I am not the only one. I know a thing or two about electricity, but when you can't see anything, what good does it do? And my power goes on and off at the worst possible times - when I am watching TV, or burning a CD, or when I'm sleeping. If it goes off when I sleep, the alarm doesn't go off, and then I am late for work. Yikes!!

Anyway, I posted two new posts earlier today - one about my new promotion, the other about my vacation, and the "Salt Lick" is mentioned on the vacation post - if you are interested in reading them. If you are, read on... and take care.

Erin said...

I am much handier than my husband, so I wouldn't recommend handymen to fix your problem. Maybe a handywoman? But, then again, handywomen could be no match against spirits -- especially the Evil Humidity Spirit. (p.s. humidity doesn't explain snickers going bonkers)

Candidly Caroline said...

I should probably mention that just since this post, about a month ago, this has happened:
I have had to return two brand new blowers because of two separate electrical issues. Replacing the ballast did not fix my kitchen light. My power cord to my laptop started smoking. My car battery, which I replaced less than 3 years ago, died. My stereo changed channels by itself.
Is my situation starting to be a little clearer now?