Saturday, February 23, 2008

in Pursuit of a Good Picture

* Yep! You guessed it! I was in Amarillo, and this is from nearby Palo Duro Canyon, the second largest canyon in the United States!

It is very hard to take a good picture of yourself when trying to include a phenomenal background and simultaneously staring straight into the sun. :P

Any idea where this was taken?

Hint: Loads of history here - from Native American to Civilian Conservation Corps to present-day performances that draw hundreds of thousands each year.

Hint: Nearby, if you can finish a 72-ounce steak dinner in under an hour, it's free!

OK - I made this really easy!


Anonymous said...

Amarillo. Happy Valentines Day too!

El Jefe Maximo said...

I had not heard of the Big Texan Steak Ranch, till you put me on the scent. Via the wonders of Google, I now have yet another reason to visit Amarillo.

If you're where I think, Coronado tramped through there ages ago, in the 1540's-50's. Before the English settlement of Jamestown even. That never fails to stagger me. So far from home too. Desire for gold does weird things to people.

Anyway, back to those ginormous steaks. Hopefully the steak comes with some good mushrooms, maybe a tomato salad, some asparagus, and possibly potatoes of some kind. Oh yes, crunchy bread. Desert can either be chocolate, or perhaps in lieu of that,a glass of Port, (although this is better much later) dumping that on top of Merlot or Cabernet can lead to an outbreak of winehead the next day.

Finish the dinner in under an hour though ? Barbarism ! I love steak, but also tend to like to linger over the dinner table, the better to enjoy wine and the hopefully entertaining company. 72 oz is too big anyway !

Nice pic, BTW.

Candidly Caroline said...

Apparently, 35,000 people have tried, and 7,000 have succeeded. I think it's safe to say I am not a part of either statistic. ;) They brought one out to show me, and it was wide across the top, like you'd expect, but then she tilted the plate and it was probably three or four inches thick! It was a family-sized roast, basically! And, you have to eat what comes with it, too - a salad, baked potato, etc. I can't even imagine!!

Palo Duro Canyon is beautiful! And, while I was there, very peaceful!

bolivar said...

That was a nice picture. I believe you captured what you wanted to capture, despite the sun.

Hearing about the 72-oz. steak... do you remember a movie called "The Great Outdoors" with John Candy and Dan Akyroyd? There was a scene where John had to eat what was called "The Old 96er" - a great big 96-oz. steak (for any mathematicians out there, 96 ounces is 6 pounds). If John ate it, everyone at his table ate for free. Dan listening to John's stomach churning during eating this steak is hilarious.

Funny, funny movie. One seriously overlooked.