Monday, February 18, 2008

Red Tulips

I was in the grocery store this weekend, and they had an assortment of flowers, presumably left over from Valentine's Day, on sale throughout the store. I often will buy a few stems to keep on the kitchen counter overlooking my breakfast area and living room because it creates a nice, bright feeling, I think.
One of the specials they had was on tulips - red tulips. I really like tulips, and the red ones were quite pretty and rather dramatic looking. Since they were offering 30 stems for $10, I bought one bunch of them. Then I got them home and discovered that 30 is a lot of tulips - a whole lot! I realized right away they weren't going to fit into just one vase. Now, I have two big vases absolutely bursting with red tulips brightening up the mood of my house and myself!
For the next couple of days, at least, I look very loved. :P


El Jefe Maximo said...

How does your cat get on with all these flowers ? When flowers are around, ours tend to go flower chomping...

Candidly Caroline said...

She couldn't care less. She just wants to know when she can sit in my lap again. :P