Monday, April 07, 2008

The Sweetest Thing

Baby Jackson and Big Sister Alivia Rose.

I visited and met my nephew Jackson for the first time! He is extremely expressive with his face, constantly changing his expression in cute and remarkably original ways. He also smiled at me when I rubbed his head. : )

And, yes, he is in his "Class of 2030" Texas A&M hat, much like Alivia's "Class of 2029" hat. : )

The sweetest thing happened: Alivia heard Jackson let out a cry in the other room. Immediately, her expression changed, and she darted away toward him. (Well, to the extent one-year-olds can dart.) She grabbed a pacifier and went straight up to him to try to give him the pacifier to soothe him.

She's one. And, he is only a week old. Talk about some real love, there. I thought it was one of the sweetest things I'd ever seen.

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El Jefe Maximo said...

Your new nephew and his big sister are beautiful, but I could suggest some other educational choices ya'll may want to consider. Although SWMBO will not agree with me, orange is a MUCH, MUCH better color.