Monday, June 02, 2008

Violet Aura

I went to a World Wellness Expo this weekend. I love this kind of stuff! Mostly I just like to look around and absorb and learn. One of the speakers was John Gray, of "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" fame. He talked about a lot of interesting stuff - like the female hormone oxytocin, which makes women feel happy - but also was really quite funny.

The most fascinating part of my experience was an in-depth aura and chakra reading. I was solid violet. Solid, the whole way through. Violet is the color of spirituality. Some of the descriptions in my report: able to attain unlimited spiritual knowledge, healing and clairvoyance, may raise the energy vibrations of others simply by being in their presence, psychic abilities, understanding synchronicity, others notice my inner light, put the highest vibrational frequency out into the world, visionary, perhaps a gifted writer, may find myself in a position of power or visibility deeply affecting the lives of many people, present to the world a unique reality, have the vivid imagination required to write bestselling novels, may be coming into my power as a spiritual beacon, visionary, and guiding light. This website also has a pretty good description.

If you remember, about six months ago, I was Indigo. I guess I am evolving, or however it should be described. Btw, I am not bragging. I am fascinated. Like I said, love this stuff!

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El Jefe Maximo said...

Women are definitely from Venus, and not a few definitely resemble Venus (not the planetary kind). However Wife sometimes says that men are from Another Planet, and I don't think it's Mars she has in mind. Suspicions are centered on Planet No. 7. . .

As for auras and such, after comparing the two: on the whole I think I'd rather be violet than indigo, so maybe you're evolving in the right direction. I haven't tended to pay much attention to that stuff: I usually leave that to my Mom, who (concering such matters) tells me that if somebody had written it in a dusty book 300 years ago or quantified it somehow I'd buy the whole thing.

Now the whole hormone thing is fascinating. Scary sometimes to think how much what we "think" might be a product of chemical reactions and interactions.