Monday, October 20, 2008


* I updated my Photos page!
Reading through my last post, I'm not sure I did my almost-fainting spell justice. I felt like I had absolutely no control over myself for minutes; that is not something I wish to experience again. Nonetheless, I am feeling better. Still my glands feel sore, but I don't sound too funny anymore and - more importantly - I have been able to write again, intensely, for the last few days.
Technically speaking, I am pretty much done writing the book - yay! we should take a moment to celebrate! - and am now more in the heavy editing stage. I must say I am pleased thus far. As I go back through the story, I am really liking it. Sometimes I am cracking myself up, too, which I suppose must be a good thing.
Thoroughly enjoying this! I really love writing!! :)

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Ellen Simonetti said...

Congrats! We should do happy hour next week (after I close on my condo).