Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Enchanted Rock

I finally visited Enchanted Rock! I've been wanting to go there for so long!
Enchanted Rock is a massive, boulder-like piece of the earth's crust that is supposedly the foundation for how the rest of Texas was formed. The view from the top is beautiful, and it is amazing to see huge boulders and chunks of the earth strewn about like marbles!
The weather was perfect for our trip, but, boy is it windy up there! My hat actually flew all the way off my head! Luckily, I was able to catch it on the ground!
It was great being there. We went exploring around through some of the cave-like areas and then simply sat down for a while to enjoy the view. This earth really is amazing.
On our way out to Enchanted Rock, we stopped at Wildseed Farms, which is a cute (but big) store and cafe filled with tons of gifts and, of course, wildflower seeds. It is the nation's largest operating wildflower seed farm! While there, I met Chloe and her brothers Max and Snowball and a couple of other furry, feline friends who call the farm home. I loved that they were just lounging around on countertops and chairs!
After visiting Enchanted Rock, we made a quick stop in Fredericksburg, a place I also had never been! (Crazy, huh?) It was fun strolling through all the little shops and sampling the goodies. Seems like fudge and ice cream are staples in Fredericksburg - in addition to the peaches, I imagine!

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