Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jennifer and John Sittin' in a Tree

I went to a great wedding Tuesday, St. Patrick's Day, for my friends Jennifer and John. What a fun idea to have a wedding on that day!

The wedding and reception were held at Mercury Hall here in Austin, and it is a beautiful place! They were married underneath big, swooping oak trees, with bright, green grass providing a backdrop against crisp-looking, white chairs, and perfect weather!

They did an excellent job picking out their wedding goodies, from the napkins to the flowers to the getaway sparklers. The food was from their travels around the world, with cute cards explaining why they chose each item. My favorite treat was the gelato bar. Yes - a gelato bar! Four different kinds of gelato at my disposal ... Yum! I had the dark chocolate - twice - because I am a dark chocolate kind of gal. ;) I sort of remember a photographer taking a picture of me with a gelato spoon in my mouth, while I was on the dance floor, now that I think about it!

And, I danced a lot! In fact, a woman came up to me and said, "Can my daughter dance with you? She sees you dancing, and she wants to dance with you." I immediately said, "Of course!" and we had lots of fun! She sang all the words to the hip hop songs, too; it was cute!

It was a great wedding, and I wish them all the happiness they desire in their life together! Congratulations!!


berly02 said...

Why aren't you guys in green???

Candidly Caroline said...

We both have a green shamrock bracelet around our wrists that we got at her bridal shower. And I have my handy-dandy, special St. Pat's undergarment that I wear every year! :O