Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Next Step

Now that my book is finished, I am on to the next step - looking for an agent and/or publisher. Traditional thinking would suggest finding an agent first, but I'll probably dip my toe a bit in the publisher pool, too, and just see how everything works out. And I am absolutely confident that it will. :D

I'm not sure I've ever posted a basic synopsis on here so here it is:
Faith is a lightworker. She is on earth to raise the vibrations of the planet and to teach others about love. Her spiritual gifts empower her to do this. But, like many lightworkers, she struggles with doubt and the seeming conflict of balancing her practical daily life with her spiritual nature.
The beginning of her personal journey towards sharing the fullness of her light with the world serves as the backdrop for an entertaining mystery in Dead End Date.
When Faith’s blind date ends up dead in a downtown parking lot – and “alive” as can be in her bedroom – Faith puts her spiritual skills to the test, attempting to prove his death was murder, not suicide. As she stumbles along the case, seeking enlightenment and living “in the moment” all the while, she begins to open her own heart to love. Or at least the possibility.

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