Friday, April 07, 2006

Greetings from Palacios, Texas!

Greetings from Palacios, Texas! (Pronounced Puh-LA-shus by all the good folk down here in these parts.)

Here is the sign overlooking the water at dusk at the Outrigger Restaurant, where you got it -

"You Catch 'Em, We Cook 'Em!"

Shane from the Palacios Chamber of Commerce ate dinner with us and says you even can bring over the crabs you catch to have them prepared for you. I might have to take them up on that offer. This time I had the super fresh grilled shrimp and great sweet potato fries.

The Outrigger is offering a new specialty drink - the Vacation, a combination of light rum, dark rum and your choice of cranberry juice or pineapple juice. It is a great way to start a "working vacation."


El Jefe Maximo said...

I love seafood restaurants...and the "Vacation" sounds like a fun drink.

In general, I tend to favor white wine with most fish dishes, but one of my favorite meals on this Earth is a plate of fried oysters and very cold beer (either Shiner or German beer).

A friend of mine took me to lunch today for a belated birthday treat (Piattos, a good Italian place by the Galleria if you ever visit Houston, one of the Carrabba family's restaurants). I had the sea bass and a glass of Pinot Grigio. Really super good !

Unfortunately, I had to go back to work, and for some reason I was sleepy the rest of the day. I simply cannot imagine why...

I really like the area you're visiting. Years ago, I had to spend the day in Port Lavaca working on a case. I was somewhat disgruntled, because it was a Friday, and I was going to miss a big dinner party with She who Eventually Had to Be Obeyed and others.

Anyway, while navigating back to Houston that evening, I drove up the coast and stopped in some little restaurant near Palacios,and had a really yummy fish dinner. Wish I could remember where -- but this was ages ago. It was May, and the weather was super gorgeous. Ate outside on a deck, and I lingered over the table, and had a great time driving back with the sunroof open and the windows down.

Anyway, a good meal which quite made up for the missed dinner party...and I keep meaning to go back to that area. Your very nice pictures have made me more determined to accomplish this.

Candidly Caroline said...

Some of the other people in my group actually went "oystering." They caught the oysters and popped them open right there, pehaps with a beer. ;)
You might very well have been at this restaurant!
I'll be posting pictures all week - I have quite a bit to tell, including the highlight of my trip ...