Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Co-Pilot Caroline!

Here is the highlight of my trip to Matagorda!

See this plane? See me in this plane?? Yeah, that's right!

I got to go up in this plane with my pilot Kyle and one of the area's reps to see and take pictures of the undeveloped coastline along Matagorda up toward Galveston.

And, that's not all!!

We were having so much fun that Kyle let me actually FLY THE PLANE!

For a good ten minutes, I got to fly the plane wherever I wanted. I turned it out all the way over the ocean, brought it back in along the coastline and then cruised over nearby farmland.

Steering the plane felt really weird - it was like driving a car, but with air instead of road.

I can not tell you how COOL it was!!!

We got up to 160 miles an hour and up to 6,000 feet high.

So cool, so cool, so cool!!


justcarl said...

Did you find out if planes came with air brakes? ;-) (I'm so terrible.)

Yianni said...

Is this the beginning of "Candidly Caroline - Top Gun Ace"?

mary shearer said...

So who is this flight instructor Kyle... he's hot

Anonymous said...

While you were flying around did you see the old Army Air Corps training base? While taking flying lessons we would land on one of the old runways and look around. It was really neat. You could see where the old hangar was and next to the door tracks was a rusting Harley! I understand it became a "drug drop" and no one was allowed to land there anymore.

berly02 said...

Um yeah, Kyle is hot.

Candidly Caroline said...

Anonymous: I don't remember seeing any training bases, but that sounds neat.

Mary and Berly: Yeah, I totally know! He is a cutie!

Kyle said...

Dont make my head to big you guys. Go to the link for more pics and my page.