Sunday, May 07, 2006

From Pitch Black to Bright White

Saturday night many people in Austin still were without electricity after the many strong rounds of thunderstorms we have had over the past few days, and that included a friend of mine who hosted a party at his house.
We went old school, sans air conditioning and mingling by candlelight. A couple of guys even pulled out a guitar and a saxophone and gave us an impromptu concert!
Such good things can happen unexpectedly!

Another surprise was when I was introduced to a young woman, and she immediately said, "I know you. I read your blog!" I was like, "Whoa!" This proceeded to happen several times over the course of the evening! Unless people comment, I have no idea who is visiting so it was very neat to put faces to some of my readers!

Sunday afternoon was Tally Ho! and all things British at the second annual "Wear White Croquet Party," hosted by another couple of friends, AEJC and the Outlaw!

Over 100 people attended again this year to have their opportunity at making jolly good shots and avoiding the sticky wicket. It's always Bees Knees to whack things around anyway, right, old chap? (I'm sure I just butchered some British sayings with those statements.)

Anyway, amidst all the whacking mallets, we enjoyed cucumber sandwiches (Eva - they were great!) and cool mint juleps, which are not at all the lightweight drinks they sound like.

No mallets on the roof this year, as we are improving our croquet skills, (It wasn't me, I promise!) and it was a very nice time, once again.

Of course, it also was a dazzling display of white!

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