Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Anna Maria Island in Florida

Here is a picture from Anna Maria Island, which is gorgeous. I loved it because the beach is very private compared to a lot of other areas.

And, here is the obligatory picture of my traveling feet ... in the superbly clear water.


estarz said...

Hope U had a great 4th of July! Looks like you are having a great summer as well.


Anonymous said...

Hey Caroline, Anna Maria Island is just about the greatest place in the world, I'm from the UK and have vacation'd there 4 times. It's gorgeous, the beaches are always empty, the water clear, you can see dolphins and manatees off the beach. Fantastic!

But what am I doing ? I'm telling people about this wonderful place. People - STAY AWAY! Do you hear me ? I SAID STAY AWAY!

Candidly Caroline said...

Yes, it is gorgeous, isn't it? I'm hoping to visit again.