Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Caught Red-Pawed!

... and yet she takes time for a stretch!
This is the newest feline member of my household - Gracie. My sister has moved in with me, and this is her cat. Gracie is a nice enough cat ... but climbing on top of my ten-foot tall cabinets is a no-no!
Geez, who's in charge around here? ;)


El Jefe Maximo said...

We have a cat who does that. When we go to the country, we take the cats, and our cat Flinky kind of perches high on top of the Fridge, behind this ginormous Duck cookie jar. It's funny, cause she doesn't do that at home in Houston. We think it's cause from the Fridge she can see everything and feels safe from the depredations of the other cats.

Eventually, I fear, Flinky, who is somewhat skittish will be startled by something...and the big Duck is going to come to a bad end. But it made a good photo.

Yianni said...

As a non-cat owner (very bad allergies) I presumed that the cats ran the roost.

Yianni said...

BTW, I like the color of that room, very bright and warm

Candidly Caroline said...

Jefe, I had visions of my big vase crashing down. Ahhh!

Thank you, Yianni! I, too, am quite allergic to cats, but, oh well!

Anonymous said...

Here ya go, get ya one of them there hypoallergenic cats!