Sunday, November 19, 2006


My faith in the ability of future generations to write is being restored, thank goodness. I am a guest judge for a school writing contest, and I have been surprised pleasantly by what the students have produced, and, in particular, I have been surprised by their creativity. I've also been doing some volunteer tutoring, and it's interesting for me to see how the kids' personalities come out so differently in their work.
It's amazing to think about all the different thoughts and layers of thoughts we have running around in our heads. My head just doesn't turn off, ever, and so many of my thoughts are intriguing, to me at least. I could never even begin to get all my ideas out, even if I published two books a year, every year, for forever.
I wish I were a little better about putting my thoughts on paper. I should be more disciplined about it, but it is a long process to train myself, especially when it seems my spare time is so limited. I am making progress on my book, however ...


Yianni said...

I can understand why you would start to lose faith. With text messaging, cell phones, XBox, the internet (ironic point there), etc, it's not surprising. I fear that schools can't compete with this and that we're doomed as a result. Thanks for at least a little hope that it won't be a complete disaster.

Candidly Caroline said...

What really bugs me are all the little IM abbreviations they use, like, "R U OK? L8R!"

Also, the advent of spell check has made some kids think they don't need to learn how to spell, that the computer will magically "fix" everything. As a former spelling bee champion, this for sure irks me, especially since it is such a flawed fix.

Yianni said...

And we all learn that Spell-Check isn't always perfect.

Spelling and grammatical errors are pet-peeves or mine. I don't claim to be a Language teacher of any sort, but little things like GRAMMAR distinguish those who are taken seriously from those who aren't.

And lastly, anyone, I mean ANYONE who says AKS instead of ASK and NEWCULAR instead of NUCLEAR should be forced to sit in a small room with Gilbert Gottfried ranting at the top of his lungs how society is doomed (I will step down from my soap box now)

Candidly Caroline said...

I still remember having to diagram sentences in junior high. Some of the sentences would have branch after branch after branch.
It paid off, though. I think learning good writing skills is crucial at that age.