Sunday, December 03, 2006

Little Miss Alivia Rose

Here is my niece, little miss Alivia Rose. She is 4 pounds, 14 ounces and 18 inches long.
Despite being itty bitty, she already knows what she wants. When Mommy and Daddy asked her where she wants to go to college, she said, "Sign me up! Texas A&M, Class of 2029. Whoop!"


Anonymous said...

You do realize she is dangerously close to making a UT Hook Em sign in that picture.

Candidly Caroline said...

That's tantamount to heresy, anonymous! ;)

Yianni said...

Just to spite you all, how about a sooner t-shirt as a gift?

Candidly Caroline said...

Let's not taint her fresh soul, now.

Isn't she a cutie, though? I'm not one of those people who thinks all babies are cute, but, she - is CUTE! :)