Friday, December 29, 2006

2006 Year in Review

I was thinking back about all that has happened this past year in my life. It has been a busy 2006, no doubt about it!

I turned 30!!
My brother and his wife had their first baby (making me a first-time aunt.)
My best friend got married.
My grandmother died.
My aunt died.

I was named an Associate Editor for Texas Family Magazine.
After 3+ years, I gave up my "Candidly Caroline" column for the Oak Hill Gazette.
I was a finalist in the Austin Under 40 Awards.
I traveled a LOT:
Matagorda County, Texas Coast

Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Gulf Shores, Alabama
Anna Maria Island, Clearwater/Caladesi Island, Tampa, and South Beach/Miami, Florida (five separate trips)
Southern Kentucky
San Diego, California
Coastal Maine

Here's to a little calmer - but not too calm - 2007!


El Jefe Maximo said...

A lot of very cool trips last year. Happy New Year, C.

yianni said...

A great reflection of the events of your past year.

Deepest condolensces on the loss of your aunt & grandmother. It's not easy especially since they were so close to each other. But the low points are always met with high points, and you've had a few. Best wishes for a happy, healthy, prosperous, & fulfilling new year

Candidly Caroline said...

Thanks, Yianni.
There has been plenty of bad this year but also lots of good. Overall, it has just been a very, very eventful year. I crave excitement in my professional life and stability in my personal life so hopefully 2007 will bring me more of each.

Best of new years, Jefe and Yianni!