Sunday, December 10, 2006

O, Christmas Tree

I finally got my Christmas tree up this weekend. It's another eight-footer and looks great, even with the one lonely present underneath it. I have done NO Christmas shopping yet and don't have any plans to start for at least a week. Oh, well!
I have my usual complaints about Christmas lights, of course. (I should not have to have a degree in electrical engineering for my lights to work properly, nor should I have to buy brand new lights each year.) With my outside reindeer, I have the sporadic problem once again of the front half of two deer lighting up and the back halves not. With the indoor lights, I checked them all before I put them on the tree, but sometime while stringing them, my clear strand that did all the neat effects stopped working. Now, it just sits on the tree, remembering how pretty it used to be.

I'm not worried about any of it, though. Christmas is my favorite time of year! I'm really looking forward to starting all my holiday baking. I tried out the S'Mores Bark, and it turned out really well so now I'm even more excited about having time to just get in the kitchen and create! I love exploring in the kitchen!


El Jefe Maximo said...

Ahead of the usual curve on Christmas presents...Got a whole FOUR...not counting the ones I haven't gotten wrapped yet. Wife is like all done -- one of those uber-organized people.

Maybe your cool strand is just one bulb -- we have one that flashes, and one bad bulb takes down the whole set.

yianni said...

Try having a pre-lighted (not my grammar, the company's) tree that has ONE Schizophrenic strand and the rest of the lights all well-adjusted. Drives us nuts.

My wife delicately reminded me after one of my callous moments that she is the one that does all the shopping for us. Fortunately, she's an EXTREMELY well organized woman (to counteract my disheveled self) and intends on have the shopping completed by this Friday.

nyah nyah nyah NYAH nyah!

YOU TRIED OUT SMORES BARK?!?! I want this recipe

P.S. the industry REQUIRES that the x-mas light manufacturers calculate a shelf life equivalent to that of spoiled milk. We bought icicle lights after Christmas last year and opened them this year; you guessed it! Strands that didn't light.

Time for me to get off my soap box and return to my sublime work

Candidly Caroline said...

There are some things I can be extremely patient with, like working with kids, for example. I have no patience whatsoever, however, for things like Christmas lights. Honestly, I probably will leave them all as they are because, otherwise, I'd have to go and "tinker" with them. Ugh!
At least it makes me recognizable. "Hey, I'm the one with the herd of half-lit reindeer!" :P

Barbara J Gill said...

I happened upon you looking up Watada Case and his Mom Carolyn Ho (Ho Hum came up.) I find your site interesting and will blog roll you on my site. A Canuck here. I'm on a mission. I put a few lights on an existing plant, go out to relatives for Xmas and enjoy their fabulous trees ... I am working at the bedside this Christmas. My year to work. (It's the way it is in nursing. I'm part-time).