Thursday, July 26, 2007

Oscar the Nursing Home Cat

* And then sometimes it's the other way around. I just picked up "Tiger," an adorable gray and white boy cat with the most beautiful, clear green eyes, off of the street in front of my house. I laid him down in the grass in a sleeping pose for his owners to hopefully find him.
I really could have done without that tonight.

Did you guys see this story on Oscar, the cat? It's an interesting little aside.


El Jefe Maximo said...

That is so trippy ! I forwarded that to my wife and a bunch of other cat people yesterday. I've always thought the cats were real in tune with emotions of those humans they stay near and other non-verbal cues we are possibly unaware of, and I guess that's just proof.

My mother in law has told us that our cats, shortly before we are due to come home, all come out of hiding and congregate by the back door. Cats just know what's going on.

Anonymous said...

Kitty even made NBC nightly news. If kitty comes by shortly after you eat the salmon mousse, be afraid, be very afraid.

El Jefe Maximo said...

Wow, poor you ! I've never had that kind of awful experience, I think I'd be physically ill. Our cats are indoors only, and I'm paranoid about them getting outside for that reason, among others.

Erin said...

What a heartbreaking moment to pick that cat out of the street. Did the owner find him? Did you recover?

Candidly Caroline said...

Well, first I took Snickers out to see him because she knew Tiger. When she got close to him, she jumped and her tail got big. She knew.

I wanted to give the owners time to find him so I waited until the next morning, and he was still there. I was starting to worry that I'd have to call someone to take him away, but then I saw a mom pull up in her Suburban with a box and bags and gloves. It took her a while because he'd stiffened. Probably I should have gone outside, but I didn't want to see him that way. Plus, all I could tell her she'd know: someone hit him, and someone took him off the street.

Anyway, at least that family found him and will be able to know what happened and will be able to bury him.

And, this is definitely a reason Snickers stays inside unless I'm in the backyard with her.

yianni said...

What a terrible thing to have happen. I may not be the biggest fan of cats (partly due to my terrible allergy to them), they are family members. At least they were able to give the proper send-off.

I heard about the feline "Grim Reaper". Makes you take a moment for an existential thought