Monday, November 03, 2008

Presidential Election - Supporting McCain

* I guess I should add that my angels were very supportive of me writing this piece so, to me, that says that the core message is important. And, to clarify, since I kind of rambled: The core message involved what I saw around Obama and the very specific word I received.
I try to stay out of politics on here - and in general - but I feel it is important for me to express myself in this situation. Many people are greatly concerned that someone who should not be president could become so. I look at things from a broader perspective and understand that what is best will happen, even if that does mean there will be hurt and disillusionment in the short term. Let me explain:
You have probably caught drifts of this here and there on my blog - I am a very spiritual person. And even before I developed this (ever-evolving) spirituality, I have always had a "connection" and have been blessed with certain gifts, gifts we all possess but that I have had more access to than many. It doesn't make me any more special than anyone else; it's just who I am.
One of my strongest abilities is seeing people for who they truly are. This is something I try to use, daily, to help people. To use an overly-simple example, think of the bully who bullies because he is hurting inside. Some people cognitively figure this out. I can, too, but even before the brain has a chance to kick in, I see and feel the hurt he feels when I first lay eyes on him or first speak with him. I know what is inside. I can then operate from that standpoint, rather than from the one that most people would. It allows me to reach people in a way I appreciate having and is one of the ways in which I try to make a difference.
Now, to make that relevant to the election. Another way of stating the above is that I can sense people's energy, which can sound a little flaky but is as real as this keyboard, I assure you. I have been pursuing the heightening of my spirituality greatly lately and have been receiving more and more messages and streams of information as a result. I'd known I was uncomfortable with Obama and that, while not overwhelmed, liked McCain. Then, last week, I received a strong message that clarified it for me:
I'd always noticed a "lack" in Obama's eyes (eyes are a big thing for me, it's a soul to soul connection.) But, then, I was watching the news and saw it - dark, dark energy swirling all around him. I very clearly, at the same time, received the word "false." I rarely get scared with real life, but this scares me. He is not who he seems. To the word "false," that's enough for me, but if I were to analyze it I would say a lot could be attributed to his words. Have you ever really listened, I mean really listened to the words? Where are all the "enlightened" people? Are they denying what their souls know is there? Do they not see a man operating purely from his ego? Take away the mesmerization and the "rhetorical flourishes," and you will see. His faith in America is restored because people chose him? I stopped in my tracks when I heard this, while the people in the crowd cheered on. (As a disclaimer, I don't agree intellectually with most anything he says, but I promise this is an accurate recounting of a real message.)
Now, who will win? I don't know. What I get (psychically) is that it hasn't been decided yet. We are meant to learn from this, as from everything. We are here for our soul's evolvement, after all. But what isn't known is whether people will recognize the truth - that gut feeling - prior to or after the election. Do we need things to go all the way for us to learn? Maybe.
I liken it to a commonly-cited lesson I have learned. God sends us "hints" to help direct us. They start out very small, almost no inconvenience at all. They get bigger and more pronounced if we continue to ignore them, until finally we get hit on the head, if we still don't get it. This can be applied to almost every situation in life. Try it; you'll see.
That is what is happening now. Do we get it, or do we need a really good hit over the head?
McCain is not perfect, but he is a good man. And there is no competition on the ego front. McCain rid himself of his a long time ago. And, for the record, I do really like Palin. And Biden is fine, too, although I disagree with his political views.
Mainly, I just have to get this out. I try to avoid politics because for the most part, it is a negative, lower-vibrating segment of our world, but it is important that people like me share what they know. Again, I am nothing special, but I have never, ever been wrong when I have received a clear message, such as this. And that is because it is not me creating it; it was sent to me and for a reason.
I'm not emotionally invested in a particular outcome; what needs to happen will happen. I'm just a proponent of learning things the easy way, when at all possible. :) Just think about it, please. Think about it on a deeper level, a higher level. We should all be loved. Not all of us should be president.


El Jefe Maximo said...

"what is best will happen, even if that does mean there will be hurt and disillusionment in the short term."

Probably, in the big scheme of things, quite true, although I suppose that this means that many of us will not live to seek the working out of what is best. We are only temporary players in the story, which went on before us, and continues after us. We flatter ourselves that we are main characters, but only those who come later will know for sure whether we are leads or chorus.

What I sense most from Obama is an almost Caesarian. . .detachment. He's a blank slate. Without tying himself to any set of political positions he can't wriggle out of, he's managed to convey concern and almost superhuman empathy and connection withouth specifically committing himself to anything.

His core political coalition illustrates the ability to which he has been able to be all things to all people -- Blacks + affluent White liberals. To the one he promises to be the avatar who brings the marginalized to the heart of the mainstream; paying their fare with the taxes of the other, giving the affluent in exchange some kind of cosmic absolution that the chattering classes value for the sins of the past.

In any case, the whole basis of this coalition is irrational, and it is going to dissolve, eventually, on its own contradictions. The rich liberals supporting Obama will do so only as long as nothing but platitudes and slogans are required of them; only so long as the support that is wanted is rhetorical. Once sacrifice really begins to bite, once it is no longer acceptable to drive the SUV to the Sierra Club function, then they will desert him.

Today Obama the Shaman competes with McCain the Hero, but in the age of Oprah, and in a time of great dislocation; where traditional religion is not providing answers (where all must fear ruin from the unconprehended financial disaster, or death at the hands of the irrational terrorist) -- the shaman trumps the hero. This only works so long as the shaman's chants and rituals seem to work, only so long as you don't think you need the hero. But when the Gods of the shaman are revealed as false, the disillusionment will be terrible.

Deanna said...

you seem like a relatively intelligent person but i would never be able to come to that conclusion if i were to base it on this entry alone.

Please enlighten me as to how a look in someone's eyes is enough to be frightened about their character. How can you make the conclusion that he is insincere based on some gut feeling that you have? Have you thought that perhaps this irrational fear has been instilled into you by a society that has constructed this fear that white woman have toward black men? Does that sound like an absurd claim? Maybe you could have covered your ass if you based your agruement on something respectable, like his political platform.

At the end of the day, we can have this discourse about Mccain and how i feel his cold stony eyes scare the living shit out of me. Thats just as hilarious as
I was watching the news and saw it - dark, dark energy swirling all around him. I very clearly, at the same time, received the word "false."

There have been legitimate issues brought by republicans and conservatives alike but this is one issue you need to stay away from or grapple with your own issues internally before you make it public knowledge.

Candidly Caroline said...

Thank you for taking the time to comment, Deanna.
In this, it seems you constructed a fear, projected this fear onto me, made judgements about me based on this same constructed fear, and then used it as leverage to tell me what I should do. Thankfully, I am secure enough in myself that I don't take this personally. What does concern me, though, is where this anger comes from. Not knowing you, I can't really comment on that, but it seems like examining the necessity and validity of that anger could provide some of the answers you seek. Anger can serve a purpose, but I have found that love serves a greater one.
But, to answer specifically your question: Yes, it would be an absurd claim.

Anonymous said...

Thank god we finally have a President who will govern with his head and the facts as opposed to irrational "spiritual" or "gut" instincts like this one.

Look at where 8 years of leadership from the "gut" or "messages from God" have landed us.

Candidly Caroline said...

Hello, Anonymous.
I agree with part of your comment. The first two words. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes! Thank God for President-Elect Obama! (the God part is rhetorical. I'm really thanking the voters.)

Emily said...

I hope someone close to you is open and honest enough with you to let you know that this makes you look like a total lunatic. I place a lot of value on instincts and spirituality, but I'm a reasonable enough person to realize that my first feelings are not necessarily the be all end all. There are as many people with a genuine fear of McCain and Palin, and those fears are generally backed up with facts, not a lack of a soul to soul connection through their TV sets.
Have you had direct face to face contact with Obama? Are your powers so strong that you can feel these things through your television? We all have intuition. It's great to take into consideration, but we all have to weigh those feelings with a bit of rationalism and not try to feed into the fear mongering that our previous government played out so heavily by posting blogs about our powers to judge based on a lack of soul to soul connection.
You should be doing much better than writing for small magazines if your powers are so strong that you can confidently assess the character of a politician based on some bad vibes you got. Maybe it was gas.

Candidly Caroline said...

Thank you for your comment, Emily. I wish you the best.

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to simply write you off as a lunatic for getting vibes or reading a person's personality from a TV screen. I think there's a lot you can tell from the way people talk, their gestures, their interactions with others, etc.

That said, I cannot begin to comprehend where you would get your impressions from! You think McCain is a good man, Palin a good woman, yet Obama is evil? I'm calling your "powers" whack, lady, and here's why:

There are countless people who knew Palin either through school, business, the PTA, the town, etc. who've said she was a ruthless, backstabbing, user. Her nickname was "Sarah Barracuda" for a reason. Even now people are coming out saying she reduced her campaign staff to tears by throwing tantrums. She tells bold-faced lies constantly without even a twinge of remorse. But your powers of perception and angels tell you different, so I guess facts don't matter!

Now about McCain-- he dumped his swimsuit model wife when he came home from Vietnam to find her short, fat, and disfigured from a terrible car accident-- an accident which she kept secret from her husband while he was a POW because she didn't want to place any extra burden on him in his awful situation! So he takes up an affair with a younger, hotter heiress (18 years his junior) which lasts a year while he's still married, and then when he divorces his long-suffering wife he marries the heiress one month later!

And guess what he said to his current wife in 1992, in front of a group of reporters (confirmed by four of them)? Cindy was teasing him about his thinning hair, and he replied:

"At least I don't plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you cunt!"

And that's not all-- there are numerous reports from people who were in the military with him saying he was a womanizer and screw-up, always breaking the rules and barely scraping by. His own children hated him for a time because of what he had done to their mother. Many friends and fellow Senators snubbed his new wife because they had a hard time accepting something so cruel as the way he treated his first wife.

Yep, your powers fail again! How could your angels be so wrong about a man?

Obama has been married to the same woman, his first wife, for 16 years and has two lovely children. There have never been reports of an affair in their marriage.

But let's move away from facts and history for a moment, and go by photos and TV appearances, shall we?

Have you ever seen the way the McCain's interact? They don't like each other. Cindy McCain, now those are eyes I look into and get creeped out! Her eyes say false. Her expression says false. Her mouth says false things. Look at them together with their false smiles and antipathy towards each other. They admitted this campaign is the most time they've spent together in a long time. They don't live together normally.

When you look at the Obamas, you can see the love they have for each other. Barack looks into Michelle's eyes and you can almost feel what they're thinking. And there's nothing "false" about it-- it's real love! They respect and support one another, not merely tolerate, as in the case of the McCains.

Check out this link and you'll see what I mean:

I think your decision to stay out of politics was a good one. You're obviously not cut out for it. I don't want to call you a lunatic like the other poster-- I'm just going to call your perceptions and/or "angles" whack. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but what you've written here is just so damn "false" it makes me mad!

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute...Caroline, what if the darkness you saw in Obama's eyes was the grief he was dealing with over his beloved grandmother dying. The word "false" you heard was a cosmic rebuff to the misperceptions you were feeling about Obama's character. Or you could be mentally ill. Seriously.

justcarl said...

With all the hot air that was blown around this election year, it's a shame T. Boone Pickens didn't have his wind farm project already in place, huh? Well there's always 2012, right? :)

Anonymous said...

I feel McCain was solicited & thrown on the campaign boat by the Republicans because they didn't have anyone else bold enough to come out and run aggressively--McCain was more than willing to be very aggressive.

I like Obama. he may be a career politician, yet I like that--for him. I especially like the fact he is not military experienced. Also, the Democratic Party has the most outstnding Economists in the Nation. And that's a BIG reassurance. The Republicans haven't advanced in their knowledge of economics for over 50 years.

McCain is just the pilot who blew up that carrier off the coast of Vietnam.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous guest,
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Anonymous said...

I wanna wish everyone a happy day, and remember we're approaching World Turtle Day, May 23. It's good luck to shower with a Snapper on that Day.

So everyone enjoy, and BTW it's bad luck if anything bad happens to your World Turtle Day shower partner.

Anonymous said...

Obama is in office to clean up the DoD. After 8 years of Bushwacker mischief-making in the DoD, Minerals Mgmt Agency, SEC, it is now time to clean DaBushwacker's 5th columnists out of govt operations.

General McChrystal alleges he fired his Press Aide over the article, set to appear in that past Friday's edition of Rolling Stone; however, others whom are 'in the know,' know it was for being a 'snitch.'
General McChrystal's slimey toad Aide, was a snitch for Biden/Obama.

Yeah, and now that's one GONE SNITCH, yeah one LONG GONE SNITCH. That's a snitch that's not comin' back.

Obama isn't taking any crup off those whom Bush placed into govt ops--for the purpose of jacking our troops around, and wasting our taxes.