Saturday, August 05, 2006

Getting the Heck out of Dodge

Well, I have some good news to help break me out of these summer doldrums. I am going to travel over to Clearwater, Florida for a few days later next week. I've never been there, although I've been to Anna Maria Island, which is only about 45 minutes south of Clearwater. I hear Clearwater is beautiful.
If you haven't figured it out, I am very much in to the beach and the ocean. I'd have a house on a private beach with warm water if I could - hurricanes be darned.
I'm a Crab - what can I say? Plus, my mom had me put in a tub of warm water when I was born so I guess I feel like I'm in a safe place whenever I'm there. Interestingly, lakes don't do it for me - I'm really all about the beach. If I can hear the roar of the surf from my balcony, I'm good.


Anonymous said...

I had grandparents retire in Clearwater.
The beach rocks. Texas in August does not.
The lakes are nice in Austin, but you either get a scorching sunburn or you drown after taking that third step from shore.

Candidly Caroline said...

Yeah, I hear ya. I wish I were already there!