Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Los Lonely Boys Movie

I just interviewed Hector Galán, the filmmaker who created "Los Lonely Boys Cottonfields and Crossroads."” Turns out, he lives in Austin, and, more specifically, in Oak Hill. Very cool! The movie will be opening in select theaters nationwide and tells the story of Los Lonely Boys, right up to their explosion on the music scene.
In my story, Galán
talks about how he first saw the band of brothers four years ago at the Saxon Pub and how he knew from that moment they were special. My article will be out Friday in the Oak Hill Gazette (to which Galán is a longtime subscriber, by the way. I'd link you there, but they have yet to create a real website - I know, I know.)

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Anonymous said...

Los Lonely Boys film Cottonfields and Crossroads is finally coming out on DVD tomorrow, Feb. 6th!