Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Best in Texas Cover Story - Deryl Dodd

My Best In Texas Cover Story on Deryl Dodd is out now. You can read it here, through August.

I previously posted about my interview
with Deryl, including a picture, here.

Good magazine, good singer, and, hopefully, you think it's a good story, too!

(Yes, I know it is Comanche. Did you?)


El Jefe Maximo said...

Years ago, when I was working on a certain large university newspaper, which may be in Austin, but I'm not sayin...a copy editor took my article about the visit of the King of Spain...Juan Carlos, and mutilated it by chopping his name to "Carlos" and thus making me look like ignoramus maximus. (Yes, I may be, but I try hard to hide it). I'm sure it was an accident to, but it BUGGED me big time.

Congrats on getting published.

Candidly Caroline said...

Thanks! It was my first cover for this publication.