Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Cooper's BBQ in Llano

The other day, I went to an awesome barbecue joint over in Llano - Cooper's BBQ. It was the kind of down home place you tend to find out about through word of mouth, and then only if you're very lucky. From the crowds there, though, I'm guessing word has gotten out pretty well.

What's neat about this restaurant is that, before even entering, you walk up to a big pit filled with all different kinds of meat, and you simply point out which one you want. "Sauce?" they ask. If yes, they dunk it in a bucket of sauce (literally) and then toss it on a tray. You take your now-dripping-with-sauce tray inside where they cut it up for you and you pick out sides, etc. Instead of individual tables, Cooper's has long picnic tables where everyone eats on butcher paper and shares loaves of bread and various foodstuffs. It was way cool eating like this because people just start talking to you. And these are great, down to earth, real Texas people, the kind that make me feel at home.
It's a beautiful drive, too, through the Highland Lakes.

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El Jefe Maximo said...

Oh yummy...I LOVE barbecue.

Ya need to wash that down with some Real Ale Brewhouse Brown (brewery right there in Blanco).

If you ever make it down to Lockhart, try Kreuz's or Black's. Luling's got a couple of good barbecue joints too, and Peters' in Ellinger (south of LaGrange) is yummy also.

Uh oh...I know what I want for dinner.