Sunday, October 07, 2007

Truth or ...

Is it truth or the inside of a bologna sandwich? That's for people to decide for themselves, but it's hard to deny this stuff is interesting.
I went to a Mind, Body, Spirit Expo this weekend, and one of the things I tried was a computer sensor chakra reading. Some of it was personal, but one thing of interest is I have a great deal of purple/lavender and through that section a big white swath. Purple represents a strong connection to the spiritual. The white, I was told, is my ancestors, who are communicating with me, guiding me to make the right decisions. It also is a result of being prayed for a lot. Both of these I know very well to be true, but it was neat to see it in front of me - on a computer screen - instead of just in "my world."

The second thing I did was have a picture of my aura taken. This is something I have always thought would be cool to do! I came out an Indigo. (Interestingly, my favorite color since childhood has been blue-violet - like the Crayola color - and my office is lavender.) I had no idea what "Indigo" meant until I searched. Again, whether you believe this kind of stuff or not, it’s hard to deny it’s interesting:

Indigo is the most recent aura color to arrive on the planet. Indigos are ushering in a new energy, a new consciousness, and a new age of peace and harmony. Indigos are here to live as examples of a new higher awareness. Honest, aware, highly intuitive, psychic, independent, fearless, strong-willed, and sensitive. Indigos are old souls who know who they are and where they've come from. These assertive individuals are born with their spiritual memories intact.

They are highly evolved, extraordinary individuals, who may hold a genius-level IQ. These individuals are bizarre, sensitive, honest, strong-willed, and aware of themselves as well as those around them (almost to a fault.) On the negative side, they can be stubborn, refuse to admit their faults, occasionally reclusive, and overly sensitive. Indigo is dominant in the auras of people who act as catalysts, who accelerate the spiritual and psychic development of everyone they encounter.

You feel like no one "gets" or understands who you are. You are "tuned in." Are highly creative in the arts, music and/or literature. Always need to know WHY, especially when being asked to do something. Are willing to step outside the box and challenge the system. You are a great BS detector and do not like people who lie and who do not come from integrity. You are easily zapped of energy, due to the fact that you are a bright Light and others want to take yours. You are easily susceptible to lower energies attaching themselves to you. Have deep empathy for others, yet an intolerance of stupidity. You are empathic and it's challenging for you to block it out. They feel a burning desire to do something to change and improve the world. May have trouble identifying their path. You have a innate ability to manifest whatever you desire. Have had psychic experiences, such as premonitions, seeing angels or ghosts, out of body experiences, hearing voices. May be electrically sensitive, such as watches not working and street lights going out as you move under them, electrical equipment malfunctioning, and lights blowing out.

Full of energy, high self-esteem, an almost regal sense of entitlement. They react to unfairness and have little patience for rules, discipline, authority (authority without explanation or choice), or "old" structures. They are easily bored with assigned tasks, and see a better way to do things. They can read you like a book, and can spot hidden agendas or attempts to manipulate them. Many Indigos feel the strong need to help and be of service to others, even putting their own well being at risk. They can come across as fearless and ready to tackle things head on. They truly exemplify the next stage in human potential and are opening doors to the unlimited possibilities, which yet exist to be experienced. They are masters incarnate. They love and need the freedom to express themselves in whatever way they see fit.


El Jefe Maximo said...

I had to google around a bit -- I hadn't heard of a "chakra reading." My Momma would be all over this stuff: for years, every time somebody new whom she thinks might be of significance enters my life, she makes me look hopelessly weird (that is, more so than is the case anyway) -- because she insists that I find out what time they were born. I finally found out she was doing astrological charts and all kinds of other cosmic stuff.

The indigo aura business does sound interesting: your writing does seem to show some of the qualities listed (I'll say naturally the positive ones and pray I don't set off those pesky BS detectors). "[D]eep empathy for others, yet an intolerance of stupidity." Probably that's why you're an editor.

Now I confess I've never bought this sort of thing myself, but lots of smart people have put a great deal of stock in astrologies, auras and the supernatural forever.

Also, I've always felt very in touch with my own ancestors; and sometimes connected psychologically and spiritually to others in ways I can't explain. Sometimes it's quite freaky: years back, when I was in law school in the middle of studying for final exams, I had this weird feeling about a very old friend of mine who lives across the country -- I left the library earlier than normal, went home, called her up and just blurted: "you're pregnant, aren't you ?" And so she was, and she hadn't told anybody yet.

How do you "take a picture" of your aura ? I'm assuming that means some kind of evaluation that revels the aura.

Hmmmm, "little patience for rules, discipline, authority. . .bored with assigned tasks." Sounds like me sometimes ;-)

Candidly Caroline said...

Well, yeah, everything pretty much fits me.

What trips me out, though (no pun intended,)is that my whole life I've thought the people who design street lights must be idiots because they always go out when I walk under them or drive near them. I was like, "There supposed to come ON!" Now, I'm having a little pause.

Keep in mind, there is much more that I didn't print about the weekend, and, quite frankly, my life might be changing as a result.

Perhaps Jefe should turn up the volume on his inner voice, heh?

To take the aura picture, literally you just sit behind a camera, which presumably is special in some way, and then they take your picture and it prints. Ta da! Mine's really pretty, with blue and purple all over.