Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Great Beyond

I'm learning today that apparently everyone in the entire universe has a MySpace page -- that is, everyone in the entire universe other than me. I've always been kind of anti-MySpace, personally speaking, but now I'm feeling like there's this whole other world out there I didn't know existed ... and I'm being left out. :(

Anyway, I did come across a great picture of my handsome brother and my beautiful niece, and since I've never put my brother on here, there's no time like the present. :) I'm not sure if it will come through because of my bang-up job getting rid of red eye, but they both have gorgeous blue eyes!


El Jefe Maximo said...

Oh my gosh, your brother is least as best I can tell from pics. Boy ya'll's pics look alike! Ditto your niece, which will be no bad thang when she's older.

I sorta missed the MySpace revolution, but I guess if it had been around Back in The Day, I'd have done it.

yianni said...

Guess I'm not the only one who doesn't have a MySpace page. At this point, what's the use. Anyone I want to know already knows who I am, and as for the rest of the world, I'd rather they NOT know who I am.

I agree with El Jefe. The resemblence is striking, especially the smile. And your niece is precious.

Candidly Caroline said...

They're awful cute, all right! :)

Wannabeyummy said...


kelly said...

lol ive been exploring ur page a bit, i commented before on the ana thing and i definitely was a bit.. antagonistic. sry, i get worked up sometimes, u sound alot younger in ur other pieces, ur ana/mia page for some reason felt alot different, maybe it's just because its more serious but i feel like in some cases your not as sharp and clever.. its very preachy, obviously u have to be sensative but i dont know, just an observation.

anyway on a lighter note, please don't make a myspace! haha, its not young, its not hip, its not cool. had one in 8th grade (way back when) and thought i was awesome. the myspace thing lasted for maybe 6 months until facebook allowed highschoolers and myspace was dead. its over run with creepy people (especially old men), guidos and kids from suburbs pretending they live in the ghetto. i love facebook and i'm addicted but recently it's becoming more and more like myspace. :( regardless id say make a facebook. among us teens, myspace is synonymous w. joke, old, and stalker - and were right about everything, right?
don't make a myspace, ur still cool! don't ruin it lol

btw absolutely adorable niece