Thursday, January 05, 2006

Crazy Caroline

Sometimes I think the people who read my column in the Oak Hill Gazette must think I'm ready for the Looney Bin, but so far no men in white coats have shown up at my door. Here's something I am going to say in my upcoming column:
"I’ve already established that I am going through something akin to a quarter life crisis. Quarter life crises, by the way, are not quite as exciting and fun as midlife crises, when you get to do something inanely stupid, like buy a fancy sports car or date someone entirely inappropriate for you. The mere fact that you are having a quarter life crisis means you are incapable of acting out stupidly because all of your focus is on getting to the point where you feasibly could be established enough in life for it to be uncharacteristic to do something stupid.
Who wouldn't want a dose of this every week? ;)
By the way, have you subscribed yet? 512-301-0123. Just tell them Crazy Caroline sent ya'.


El Jefe Maximo said...

Quarter-life crisis...wtih your horoscope. What a combustable mixture ! Been there, done that...sailor beware.

Candidly Caroline said...

And I actually prefer a quiet life. :)

justcarl said...

Does this mean you're changing your blog to 'Crazy Caroline'? ;-) (And just how did you know what kind of car I drove?!?!)

Candidly Caroline said...

I guess part of being "candid" is revealing you are partly "crazy." ;)