Friday, January 20, 2006

Gun at Southwest Austin Middle School

Many of you have heard that there was a loaded gun found in the possession of one student and one adult on the campus of Clint Small Middle School in Austin, Texas. I was on campus when the gun was found, attended the press conference, and had an exclusive interview with the school's Principal, Sheila Anderson.

A gun on campus is a really, really bad thing, there is no denying that - but I know how media minds work, and they will try to make this as dramatic and dire a story as possible. And, as a media mind myself, I naturally will be doing a full write-up in next week's Oak Hill Gazette. However, from a personal standpoint:

Let me iterate that no student was in danger at any time and that the gun was on the far outskirts of campus in a wooded section. It was nowhere near any students, except the one who had it in his possession. I do know the student (although I will not reveal personal information) and believe that a series of bad mistakes likely led to the situation, rather than any attempt to harm another student. He is not a bad kid, and I hope that, eventually, he will be better for having made it through this situation.
Many of you trust me and believe in my perspective. Know this: I have never felt anything but safe on the campus of Small Middle School. The kids are well above par, the teachers are kind and caring, and it is a darn good place to be. My hope is that people will not lump this together with school gun incidents on other campuses and assume falsely things that just aren't true.

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Queen of Sky said...

Good for you, setting the record straight! Kids make mistakes sometimes...the real question is--where did he get the gun?

-Q of S

justcarl said...

Apparently he took it from his Dad to have as 'protection' for a drug deal. That's what he claims. Now the question is, did Dad have it under lock and key?

MManzano said...

Ok, I learned of this news not by tv or writing but by the local Citgo dude. We homeschool so we are out of the loop.

The following sentence could relate to us. "Let me iterate that no student was in danger at any time and that the gun was on the far outskirts of campus in a wooded section."

That wooded section crosses the street, which puts it back on our side of the world.

Saying that no one is in danger would be false. I walk our doggie near the creek bed, now I'm wondering if it is safe.

So where are these kids now? are we safe?


friendsmusicandschoolismylife said...

I go to the school. It's Clint Small Middle School. Small is one of the best schools in Austin. I know the guy who brought the gun to school too, but I'm not allowed to say his name. Everyone was so scared and it was all over the news. I had no idea why everyone was makeing it such a big deal! The guy snuck out of school and went to the edge of campus, no where near school! This other person who was 19 met him there and gave him the gun. No big deal!