Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Taste of Austin

* Oof, needing a few Tums for my tummy this morning! (I've never noticed the "Tum"s and "tum"my connection before.) On another food note, I bought a one-pound tub of organic spring mix salad, and the tub is made of corn! Corn! Who would have thought? If we can make a plastic-like container out of corn, of all things, we should be using it for other things, too!

Oh, man! I just came from Foodie Heaven! It was the Taste of Austin held at the Palmer Events Center. For $15, they offered samples from over 60 different Austin restaurants. They had everything from tuna steak to queso to raw oysters to shrimp cocktail to all kinds of chicken to barbecue to pasta to burritos to filet mignon to lobster bisque. Then, there was dessert - flan, creme brulee, brownies and cookies of every kind, little pies, cakes, even chocolate milk. Oh, and Doubletree Hotel cookies, can't forget those! (Doubletree cookies remind me of when I was a freshman in high school, and I was swimming in a state swim meet. A friend and I got in soooo much trouble for going in to some boys' hotel room! Gaw!)
My favorites were probably a dark chocolate brownie from Central Market and a steak, onion, and bell pepper kabob from Mesa Ranch.
Thank goodness Ellen forgot her camera - me biting in to a hunk of meat on a kabob stick is not something that should be documented for posterity! At least we parked at City Hall instead of at the Center - we got in a mile of walking going there and again on the way back so we were able to burn off of some of our culinary delights! Great fun, though. Totally worth it.


justcarl said...

Your entry reminds me of the once popular advertising phrase - 'I can't believe I ate the whole thing.' Especially the part about the container made out of corn.

(And don't get me started about the night I spent in the girls' hotel room during a High School Library Club Convention down along the Riverwalk in San Antonio. Ha!)

Queen of Sky said...

I just ate my Doubletree cookie and CM macaroon :P :D

-Q of S

The Babster said...

Oh darlin.. I couldn't agree more. wasnt that just the most devine gathering of restaurants EVER??? this is certainly the year of the Gorgonzola Pasta... we LOVE gorgonzola pasta!