Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Real Estate Clients Look Here

While I was sliding off the top of my chair in a mandatory three-hour real estate Ethics Class, I realized there is something long overdue I should address:
Yes, I am a licensed real estate agent (for almost six years now,) and I even have a
I imagine many of my former Austin clients have found my blog inadvertently and wondered how in the heck I all of the sudden am a writer. Truth be told, it was a gradual progression as I looked for something "fulfilling."
That being said, I do still have my license and am keeping it active (therefore, the Ethics class.)
Generally, I have an agreement with another agent, and I refer my business to her as I trust her implicitly to handle my people appropriately.
So ... just so it is known, I
can offer people referrals for whatever city you are in, and certainly former clients should not hesitate to ask me any questions or contact me.

There. I've made my disclosure for the day. :)


estarz said...

Candidly Caroline and Homes by Caroline. Very kool! Its great that you enjoy writing...if you are good at something why not build on the skill. There is always room to branch off career wise.

Candidly Caroline said...

I'm liking it. :)