Saturday, October 14, 2006

Horseriding - Daniel Boone National Forest

My favorite part of my trip to Kentucky was horseriding on a beautiful horse named Novar through the Daniel Boone National Forest. Novar liked people but not other horses - she was good to me! :)

The weather was beautiful. It was right before a cold front came through so it was still fairly mild, but there was a strong breeze rustling all of the leaves way above our heads. I loved it when they let us run the horses at the very end!

I've cemented a horse in to my future plans. You know, when I retire, my ranch in the country - now with a horse (in addition to my beach house, of course!)

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El Jefe Maximo said...

I'm originally from Alabama...but have never made it to that part of the world, and clearly I've missed out. Gorgeous pictures.

That's quite a horse, but I'm much too citified to be much of a rider. I'd be looking for the four-wheeler.