Monday, October 23, 2006

Visiting Cabot Cove, Maine, Home of Murder, She Wrote

My trip to Maine was exciting for a reason that perhaps demonstrates my obsessiveness with mystery-solving, mystery-writing women.
I am a huge "Murder, She Wrote" fan. Huge. I have the entire first season on DVD, and I don't usually do that kind of thing. When I found out I would be heading to Belfast and Freeport, Maine, I immediately compared their locations to Cabot Cove, Maine, home of Jessica (J.B.) Fletcher. I discovered that Cabot Cove actually is a fictional location, but, from visual cues throughout the show, it can be determined that Cabot Cove is in the very same vicinity! I was so excited, I just can't even tell you! I immediately went online and requested "Murder, She Wrote" books to take with me on the trip. It was so cool to be where she solved all those mysteries and got all that inspiration for her stories! ;)
Doesn't this picture of Belfast look exactly like Cabot Cove?

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