Monday, March 06, 2006

Austin Under 40 Awards

* Here's another (remarkably similar to the others) pic that was sent to me ... The only real addition is the crowd ... and then, there's that Big, Blue Finalist ribbon! (Photo courtesy Paula Kothmann, "Downtown Planet" Arts Columnist.)

The Austin Under 40 Awards were great!

Finalist is as far as I made it - this year - and I met so many amazing people from the experience! I had a fantastic time at the Gala (and the afterparty) where I was able to meet many of the other finalists and winners and, quite frankly, the movers and shakers of Austin and even Texas.
All of the finalists are truly amazing contributors to our Austin community and beyond, and it was such a privilege to be in their company.
A special thanks to the Young Men's Business League and the Young Women's Alliance for organizing the event and for improving the lives of so many individuals.

On a personal note, as I begin to round out my first 30 years, I feel like this has been the checking point that I've been seeking since turning 29. It has allowed me a tangible way to measure my career and my community service impact, and while neither are as "big" as I want them to be yet, it is nice to have a public validation of my efforts thus far and a public awareness that I believe will help compel me to move even further forward.

All in all, it has been an experience for which I am very grateful, and certainly it has reminded me how important it is for each one of us to improve what we can in the world. None of us has the ability to fix everything, but each one of us has the ability to improve what is around us, and I am glad there are so many people willing to do what they can for the betterment of others because, from that, we all benefit.


justcarl said...

Nice pictures, Lady Caroline. I'm glad Erin was able to fly in and share this experience with you. Congratulations again.

estarz said...

Hubba hubba! WoW!


Queen of Sky said...

Well said, CC!

-Ellen aka Q of S

El Jefe Maximo said...

Very cool, and a big honor to be included. Cool pics !

Also really great that your friend came in to enjoy your big evening. Congratulations.

louamoroso said...

Congrat Caroline
Ellen want to ask you if you are Italian.
Luigi Amoroso

louamoroso said...

Congrat Caroline
Ellen want to ask you if you are Italian.
Luigi Amoroso

Candidly Caroline said...

Thanks, everyone! It was great and really an honor!

estarz: Hubba Hubba??? ;)

Lou: Ellen wants to ask me? I think *you* want to ask me, Mr. Amoroso.
No, I'm not Italian. I am an Irish girl - an Irish, Catholic girl. : ) And I am a fan of your last name.