Friday, March 31, 2006

Girls Change Relationships Like Purses

I kept laughing this week when working on a teenage love article because my take on the source’s information essentially was that men in the dating pool are romantically a mess because they got screwed over by adolescent girls when they were young. I wasn't laughing because they were hurt, of course, but at the reality that karma can be a you-know-what.

Here’s some of what she said: “Generally speaking, girls change relationships like purses. For a lot of girls the drive is for the relationship - I’ve got a boyfriend, and he’s cute.”
But, the guys: “Boys are not necessarily very sophisticated with the dynamics of that relationship. With young guys, if they have a girl that likes them, they start to invest. When they invest, and then the break up happens, only the parents may know how much that boy is hurting.”


Yianni said...

I have to say that you're so right. In a lot of ways, I was messed up b/c of how adolescent girls treated me during that tumultuous period in my life. Of course, many times I never even got to the point where a girl would say "I've got a boyfriend.." and refer to me. Sometimes, not even the parents know b/c the boy may be trying to be tough or cool.

Anyone who says they'd like to be in High School again should be committed or be taken out to the yard and clubbed over the head.

El Jefe Maximo said...

I agree that women tend to have much more sophistication in the romance game, particularly early on. My experiences in high school were pretty awful; and certainly made me rather cynical for many years about the opposite sex.

I think women, in general, handle break-ups and relationship difficulties better; and that they probably have more insight into what is really happen, and the "angles" that can be played, than your average guy. Of course there are a subset of male "operators" who can handle the game-playing aspect of relationships very well.