Saturday, March 18, 2006

Writing Books

* (Cough, cough. I'm not really getting the moral support comments I was hoping for with this one. ;) )
The one area of writing I haven't tackled yet is fiction. I've written feature stories and reported news and even penned a column, but never have I written a book (or gotten one published.) It's something I've always wanted to do, and I have worked on many books for forever, without finishing any of them. I'm putting this "out there" to give myself some impetus to focus on it and move toward accomplishing it.


El Jefe Maximo said...

I have two half-baked book projects I work on from time to novel, (historical), one history, (military)...and an idea for a science fiction deal that is still in the half-baked stage. I've got total respect for anybody who can actually finish something like that, cause it's hard.

I have a journal also, that I've been doing since lawschool (1990), but I don't want anybody reading that one till I'm dead !

Candidly Caroline said...

I'd looove to read your journal, but I know what you mean. My books have a lot of me in them and then a lot that is not me so I always worry that people will confuse the two one day when I'm famous! :O

El Jefe Maximo said...

This is the "special moral support" comment post, sending out good vibes, and the hope that you finish your books.

Naturally, one day when you're famous, everyone will pick apart your books, trying to find you in them; and English Lit. teachers everywhere will explain what they're CERTAIN you meant by particular things in your books. Students everywhere will read them late into the night, working till the wee small hours to finish their papers (the lazy ones, alas, using the Cliff Notes).

justcarl said...

OKAY! Hurry and get one of your books done! I already have operators standing by to take customers' orders!!!

(How's that for your moral support?) ;-)

Queen of Sky said...


-Q of S

Yianni said...

If your columns are any indication of what your books would be like, I'd love to see you finish one.

I would imagine fiction being sometimes difficult in that you almost pour yourself into these alternate personas and if you don't make it your primary focus for the length of time you're writing the book, you might lose the integrity of the characters.

good luck and I hope you get one published

Candidly Caroline said...

That's a very good reminder, Yianni.

katehopeeden said...

It's always something I have wanted to do as well.
Fiction is a fickle thing :)