Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Cast of "Dallas, the Movie"

Here's my impressions of the cast of likely characters for the upcoming "Dallas" movie.

John Travolta as J.R. (Maybe I see it.)
Jennifer Lopez as Sue Ellen. (Say, what?)
Luke Wilson as Bobby (I get this one - I really get this one. He is sooo cute! Plus, he's one of our Texas boys and a big fan of the ATX - that's "Austin, Texas" for all you reading this in other countries.)

Catherine Zeta Jones as Pamela Ewing (Nice!)
Shirley MacLaine as Miss Ellie. (This one's all right, too.)

I guess what I'm really not getting is J-Lo as Sue Ellen. That just doesn't work for me at all. Sue Ellen had more ... is it dignity, class, sophistication? ... something. That sounds a little harsher than I mean it, but the match isn't there for me. Sue Ellen had something that J-Lo I don't think could portray.

Remarkably, the city of Dallas is being made to work very hard to get the film shot there - you'd think it would be a given. They are having people wear "Shoot J.R. in Dallas" t-shirts. Love it!


Yianni said...

I agree with the whole J-Ho thing as Sue Ellen. She's nasty compared to Linda Gray. Not to say that Linda Gray was a 'hottie'. What do you think about this choice for Sue Ellen: Susan Sarandon? She's got the class, the looks, and she's closer in age to J-Tra than J-HO

El Jefe Maximo said...

You'd think with all the bright, talented and positively brilliant people that Hollywood produces that they could come up with a more original idea.

Maybe it's a generational thing. I liked Dallas, old enough to remember it well and I can see the pros-and-cons of all the cast possibilities, but darn it, JR is Larry Hagman, etc.

This is one of those things that will do really well, or be the bomb of all time. Not much of an in-between likely here. I would suspect that us old timers of the 70's-80's generation who liked the original show will reject Hollywood's tampering with characters we think we know. I don't know what the targeted demographic is, but investors beware.

Candidly Caroline said...

I'm not a big SS fan, but she does kind of have the same look ...

Stacy said...

Being from AL I had not heard about this movie.

John Travolta as J.R. is a stretch. He might be able to do it.

I'm thinking Angelina Jolie would be a better Sue Ellen.

I LOVE hearing about the "shoot JR in Dallas" tshirts. That's GREAT! My Mom had a tshirt that said "I love to hate JR" that she bought at Southfork on a visit out there. I wore it as PJs for a long time :)

Candidly Caroline said...

I actually had someone reach my site by googling:
"J Lo should NOT play Sue Ellen." ;)

Chelle said...

I agree with whoever said Susan S. would be a GREAT Sue Ellen I could even see Catherine Zeda in the role also..but I'm sure she'll do a GREAT PAM too! Ya know who's kinda a look alike for the Lucy character that chick from simple life Nicole Richy...if she could act she'd be good for that role. Also I LOVE John T but I think Bruce Willis would have made a GREAT JR! Also Matther Macauney (ever how ay spell it) for Cliff Barns